The Cafeteria

In the beginning of the reserve, we have created a cafe that is in complete harmony with the surrounding environment.

Centuries year old trees and ivy have completely covered this place creating shade to a point that the sun does not pass through, resulting in a cooler temperature compared to the rest of the island.

Silence is still necessary for the butterflies so music is in the hands of nature itself. If you concentrate, you will start noticing the rustling of leaves, the wind blowing and cicada´s “song”.

Butterflies Café is ideal not only to relax in the nature, but also to work.

Escape from the general bustle, enjoy delicious coffee, fresh juices or even smoothies while trying some of our snacks.

Entrance fee is not required for the cafeteria.

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Butterflies Nature Reserve is an ideal destination even for families as there is a small playground also ιn the area.

Souvenir Shop

For those who would like to have a memento of this island in general or the reserve in particular, there is a shop to choose among a variety of souvenirs.

Byzantine Watermill

Harnessing the energy available to humans through the power of running water, hydro or hydraulic energy, was the most significant step in the evolution of grain milling technology.