About us

Situated on the picturesque island of Paros, 7 km to the west of Parikia and in close proximity to the Monastery of Christos sto Dasos, lies a place that has always been known as “Butterflies Valley” or “Petaloudes” in Greek . An idyllic landscape of dense vegetation and abundant spring water, “Petaloudes” is a unique monument of natural beauty.

Well-marked paths winding through the park make it easy to discover all that the Petaloudes has to offer.. The minimal entrance fee is a small price to pay to experience the idyllic setting and escape the heat.

During the months of June to September, swarms of butterflies named Euplagia quadripunctaria, or Jersey tiger moth, settle on this small oasis. They choose this place to spend the last phase of their life.
Resting on the leaves, they can be observed by the guests in their natural habitat. If you are lucky, you might catch them in flight, revealing the vivid red of the underside of their wings, which contrasts with their dark upper side.

Opening Hours & Tickets

The park is open from June to September from 10:00 to 18:00.

The ticket price is 3,50€ for Adults & free for Children under 12.


Cafeteria, Playground and Souvenir Shop are also a part of the reserve, making ideal for every age group.